Does Your Vancouver Business Need IT Support?

Does Your Vancouver Business Need IT Support?

IT support, tech support, whatever you want to call it, it’s all technology and that’s what makes the world go round. Whether it’s work or play – we rely on technology for most aspects of our lives.

If your phone isn’t loading an app properly or accidentally deletes your music files – that’s a nuisance. But if your hardware fails or a virus holds your critical files for ransom – that could be a disaster.

IT Issues Are Expensive

How much does an IT failure cost your business? This is a question that depends on the size and nature of your company. But generally, here’s the question you need to ask yourself:

Can you afford 18.5 hours of downtime?

If your hardware fails, it can be down for days. Studies suggest that it takes 18.5 hours on average for a business to recover from a disaster. Downtime isn’t even the worst part – what if you experience unrecoverable data loss? How will that affect your work?

Whether it’s due to user error, hardware failure, a virus, ransomware or some other IT problem, you simply cannot ignore the threat of a looming disaster.

Proactive and Preventative IT Support Prevents Disasters

At Quicktech, we work behind the scenes to ensure that IT issues are prevented from happening in the first place. We keep your systems up-to-date, monitoring your critical hardware infrastructure through the night to ensure that any potential IT problems are dealt with, sometimes even before you or your staff know there is a problem.

In case there is a disaster, we make sure our clients have a plan. Even if everything is working properly, updated frequently and show no signs of issues – a user error or hardware failure could spell disaster. In this case, we work fast engaging your disaster recovery plan – responding immediately to reduce your downtime. It’s even in our name – Quicktech.

Don’t be left scrambling when IT problems arise. Your business simply cannot afford unscheduled downtime. Give us a call – and we’ll make sure your entire IT infrastructure is proactively managed.