Five Myths Surrounding Managed IT Services

Five Myths Surrounding Managed IT Services

Managed IT is a topic that all CIO’s and IT business managers should consider at some point of their business’ growth.

Why should you entrust any aspect of your business – especially IT – to a third party? Wouldn’t that result in inefficiencies, and poor communication?

Well, no. Definitely not. But you’re not wrong in thinking this way – there are plenty of myths surrounding Managed IT, and here are five of them.

1. Managed Services Completely Replace The Need For Internal IT Staff

A good managed IT provider works with your team for maximum results; nothing is made redundant, and all parties work towards your business growth.

While we manage all your IT support needs, hiring an MSP doesn’t necessarily replace your internal IT staff. Often, we act as partners to allow your IT staff to focus more on business intelligence and strategic projects.

Did you know that over half of annual IT expenditure is spent on maintenance, rather than innovation? We bring years of IT service experience to streamline your day-to-day IT support, freeing up your staff to focus on strategic projects.

2. Cost Savings Are The Primary Benefit of Managed IT Services

“Peace of mind” and “cost savings” are not the only benefit of managed IT services. Our partnership allows your business to grow faster, safely and more efficiently.

Working with our proactive IT support team results in significant cost savings, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg:

  • Proactive IT support is a preventative measure – meaning that you’ll lower the risk of unexpected losses in downtime or data loss in the event of an emergency
  • We ensure that your business is operating at its optimum IT efficiency
  • We leverage 15 years of IT service experience to make recommendations that help your business generate more revenue
  • As genuine IT lovers, we stay on top of what’s cutting-edge in the technology. We pass along any relevant suggestions and tips to help you stay innovative in your industry.

Yes, working with an MSP will result in costs savings. But more importantly – you’ll be pulling from the experience of a seasoned team of tech-lovers who’ll help your business stay efficient and scale to new levels of growth.

3. A Break-Fix Approach Is More Efficient Than IT Support

Like with most things in life, it’s much more costly to fix a problem than it is to avoid it altogether.

This approach is most relevant in the field of technology. Why struggle to recover lost data from an unexpected malware attack, when we can simply recover all your locked info from a recent backup?

A preventative approach is often the most efficient approach.

4. You Will Lose Control Over Your IT If You Work With An MSP

At Quicktech, we value communication. We supplement your existing IT team and systems, reporting to you at every step of the way. You’re always in control.

We view all clients as you would a partnership – communication goes two-ways, and all parts are understood. We skip the jargon, and go straight to the issue. We make recommendations, and provide solutions.

We keep everyone on the same page – so no-one is lost about what’s going on, or what’s coming up the pipeline. We handle IT – while making sure that you’re always in control.

If you ever need us, our IT specialists are only a phone call away.

5. Your Business Doesn’t Need IT Support

Does your business run perfectly fine? Have you never had an IT issue in your life? That’s great! Now let’s focus on growth.

Our IT consulting services focus on scaling your business for growth, making recommendations for network services that will supplement your existing business.

And while your business is scaling up – we make sure that we’re taking the proper precautions every step of the way. Frequent updates, regular backups and a proper disaster recovery plan are best practices for any up-and-coming business in Vancouver.

Do you agree with our list? Have any more myths for us to bust? Let us know!

Give us a call at 604.709.8324 – our IT specialists are always happy to help.