Managed IT Services Protect Against An Increase In Hacking

Managed IT Services Protect Against An Increase In Hacking

More businesses are looking to Managed IT services as the number of hacked sites continue to increase in 2017.

According to a report by Google Webmasters the number of hacked websites increased by 32% throughout the course of 2016, and Google expects this trend to increase further. As hackers become more aggressive, lax website security and outdated content management systems only continue to open more security holes for businesses.

Expect To See An Increase in Hacking During Tax Season

Tax season is particularly lucrative for cyber criminals, who run phishing scams and malware attacks to extort confidential information during this busy accounting season.

This surge in attacks doesn’t just apply to your business – but to all programs and services that are particularly busy during this time of year. Even the Canada Revenue Agency website was taken offline twice on March 10th after discovering a potential security breach. You should be very well-prepared for the possibility of an exploit.

Whether you are a human resources personnel or just an average taxpayer, you and your business are at risk of potential cyber attacks. The most common form of phishing during this season takes the form of emails with spoofed addresses that seem to come from the CRA, or perhaps even an authoritative individual from within your own company.

Attackers can steal confidential information and file a fake tax return, taking the money or using the information for identity theft. They can also prompt individuals to open a malicious attachment, which will then install ransomware onto the victim’s device.

Managed IT Services Protects Against Common Hacking Behaviour

A successful cyber attack will not only compromise your data, but can potentially lead to days of downtime that you simply cannot afford. Quicktech Managed IT services will protect your data by providing email and spam protection, custom solutions to stay ahead from hacking trends, and frequent backups to ensure data security.

Did you know that some scammers can attack your network by acting as a vendor to distribute “free” USB’s pre-loaded with malware? It’s not enough to have strong passwords and protection in place. With Managed IT services, frequent backups are made to protect against even the most unlikely cyber attacks.

Hacking behaviour is always evolving, and requires constant research to stay updated with the latest trends and threats. Quicktech provides managed IT services in Vancouver to ensure that your business always smoothly and securely. If you’re looking for a service provider to reduce malware-associated downtime, contact our IT support team to schedule a free consultation today.