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The cloud is a multi-purpose platform

Cloud technology is much more than a storage platform; it’s an entire category of solutions that allow you to utilize computing power from offsite servers that are managed by professionals. This means your business can avoid expensive hardware purchases and maintenance fees, and pay for only what you use.

The cloud computing delivers enterprise-class software like Office 365 to any internet-enabled device and ensures users are always using the latest versions of these applications. Quicktech’s Cloud Computing solutions improve upon this revolutionary technology by helping you customize it to your business needs.

You need a managed cloud computing service provider to ensure that your IT infrastructure is efficiently using the cloud, minimizing threats as your business grows. With Quicktech's cloud computing solutions, you'll have full access to a team of cloud specialists, and engineers who will help you ease your cloud journey, saving you the frustration and difficulty of doing it yourself.

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Migration Services

Move to the cloud quickly and efficiently. Let our GSuite, Office 365, AWS and Azure specialists help.

Ongoing Maintenance

We constantly watch over your systems and make sure they never go down.

Security Management

Surpass the toughest security standards with the latest updates and threat prevention tools.

Cloud Backups

Your data is kept safe and sound in multiple Canada-based data centres.


Maximum uptime, scalable resources, and reduced IT headaches. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss the cloud.