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For constant growth and high levels of productivity, you need reliable office IT. For your network to continuously function properly, everything that goes into it must be monitored and maintained on a daily basis. Failing to do so can leave your business open to security breaches, frustrated employees, and dissatisfied customers.

Quicktech’s Managed Services will prevent these negative outcomes and keep hackers at bay, workers productive, and your clients happy. You’ll enjoy significant benefits from 24/7 proactive management of your network, servers, and software systems — all for a fixed, affordable monthly fee that’s perfect for small businesses.

We can provide scalable support and IT infrastructure your business needs right now while guiding your digital transformation journey to modernize and enable innovation in your business. We are your reliable managed service provider serving a diverse range of businesses throughout the city. Clients benefit from a wide range of services provided by Quicktech. Most importantly, We have structured our IT support so that our clients can concentrate on growing their businesses rather than managing their IT departments.

We are a Managed Services Provider that offers superior, reliable, and cost-effective managed services to help your business succeed with IT. The Managed Services team at Quicktech does not wait for a disaster to strike. We monitor and manage critical IT systems, from the uptime of your servers and network to any end-user issues that may arise. Maintaining business continuity.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Proactive, fully-managed services
  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Robust cybersecurity that protects from all threats and guarantees compliance
  • Unlimited support and technical assistance for any technology issues

FAQ about Managed IT Service Providers

1. What is Managed Services?

Managed Services are customized solutions that have been created by professional IT companies to handle all the technology needs of their clients. By managing the day-to-day IT resources and handling all the maintenance and monitoring of business technology, a managed IT service provider shoulders the entire burden of your business’s IT with the aim of improving productivity, eliminating downtime, providing data security, and keeping costs down.

2. Should small businesses outsource their IT support?

Technology is a huge investment for businesses, which means that getting the most out of their technology has a massive impact on their bottom line. However, the personnel costs of monitoring and managing this technology adds to the large price tag and it might not still be enough to effectively handle all their technology needs. Outsourcing makes a lot more sense for these businesses because for a reasonable, fixed monthly fee, their business IT will be managed by professional IT engineers.

3. Can you recommend hardware and software products for me?

Yes, it is part of our responsibilities to give you the best recommendations for your business. Technology consulting and IT support are a big part of what we offer as Managed IT Service providers.

4. What if my technology is doing just fine?

Most businesses will feel that their technology is working as they expected but they don’t realize what they are missing out on. There’s usually a lot of issues with cyber security measures in small businesses and they are also missing out on many productive features and updates without expert guidance. Working on IT issues after they occur may appear logical, but this approach may reduce productivity or bring your operations to a halt. Having a dedicated managed service provider means you'll have a trained and certified team assessing your current business IT systems and identifying problems before they occur so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

5. What if I already have internal IT staff?

This could be a great fit as well because we can work directly with your IT team and take over any tasks that they are not proficient in. We can also provide round-the-clock support when they are not available.

6. What’s included in your Managed Services?

Our team can help with any aspect of your business IT from cyber security and compliance to IT support and cloud computing. We can customize our services to only give you what you need.

Quicktech is one of the leading Managed Service Providers in your area. We can assist you in staying on top of all aspects of your company's technology needs, while always being honest about which services and solutions are best for your business. Our Managed Services include customized options to meet your needs, on site and technical support, help desk support, server administration, network management, cloud management, and a dedicated team to meet your needs.

Businesses risk losing valuable time and money if they do not have 24x7 live support. As the leading managed service provider in British Columbia, Quicktech provides technology consulting services and around-the-clock desktop support, allowing you to sleep well at night knowing that we are hard at work for your company across British Columbia.

When you arrive at your office each day, you expect your technology tools to function properly and quickly. The only way to achieve this is through proactive management. This includes not just computer management, but also network management as well as the security of your data and systems. With us being you managed services provider, giving you a peace of mind is our top priority. We will work with you to develop the best industry practices that transform an unpredictable IT environment into a predictable one.

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