Travel Consultancy Firm in Canada

This Travel Consultancy Firm in Canada prides itself on transforming vacation planning from a complicated process to an extraordinary experience, thanks to its insider expertise and meticulous attention to detail. With more than 45 sample packages and endless customization possibilities, their team of Canadian travel specialists ensures every holiday is not just planned but tailored to perfection.

Boasting over two decades of experience in the Canadian tourism sector, they have assisted over 15,000 travelers in discovering Canada's marvels. Be it a scenic train journey through the Rockies, a polar bear adventure in Manitoba, or a self-guided exploration of the Atlantic coast, they dedicate ourselves to crafting impeccable travel experiences for each client.


Having been a loyal Quicktech customer for a decade, they have benefitted from support and consultancy on numerous IT initiatives. Our latest collaboration involved advisory, design, execution, and maintenance services for a geo-redundant network failover strategy.


  • Strengthening network security
  • Implementing secure VPN tunneling
  • Establishing geo-redundant backup storage
  • Replicating network backup images
  • Planning for disaster recovery
  • Enabling network failover mechanisms


Quicktech established a fully replicated server environment in a secure, offsite data center by installing physical infrastructure. This arrangement enables the rapid activation of an exact server clone, ensuring the continuity of operations in case of server malfunctions or disasters. This proactive strategy minimizes downtime and assures the firm that business activities can continue seamlessly, regardless of the situation.